Coming Out from Behind the Curtain

Coming Out From Behind the Curtain

I am so excited. Seriously! People like my story, the one B. Lynn Goodwin wrote down. Here are a few comments that make my heart sing. Thank you reviewers. I can’t tell you how good it feels to be noticed.


“Sandee Mason has hidden depths, but is the overlooked treasure in her home and school. Her journey toward finding her own voice, her own place, and her own life makes for a satisfying read.”  –Lani Rene Longshore


“Insightful, and alternately funny and sad, Talent is for Young Adults and Adults. It is a book about the complexities of teenage life in today’s world that makes you feel and, perhaps even more importantly, makes you think.”  –Judy Williams


“…she surrounds Sandee with a supporting cast comprised of believable, flesh-and-blood characters. Talent is an absorbing read that keeps the reader turning pages from beginning to end.”  –Al Garrotto


“I am far beyond my teenage years and I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline, the rights and wrongs of war, family issues and alcohol dependency. The writing is skillful, flowing and well put together.”   –A. Rose


“Talent is a great gift for theater-loving teens.”  –Kelly


“Talent brings the focused universe of student musical productions into the messy world of family members coping with uncertainty and tragic loss.”  –Jean C. Wyer


“From the deep desire for the freedom offered by a driver’s license to the disappointment of trying out for something and not achieving a goal, Sandee shows the reader how to thrive under adversity. Talent is a page-flipping read!”  –Jill Hedgecock


  • So what is your take on the book?
  • What do you like?
  • Have you written about it?
  • Have you shared it?
  • Would you like to give it to someone you know?
  • Have your daughter read it?
  • Have your daughter’s class read it?


WHAT? You haven’t read it? Well it’s about time.

Get a copy today by clicking on the link above the book cover. It’s at the top of the blog.

Be sure to let me know what you think, okay? There should be a comments line at the top of the page to click on.

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