9-22 Hanging at Starbucks


I’m waiting for Diego to walk home with me. He has detention again. No math homework,again.

While I’m here, I’m trying to pick out a monologue that would be a good audition piece. Our teacher, Ms. G, says we don’t have to have an audition piece, but I figure if I’m going to do this I should do it right. That’s what Dad always says. Mom too, though lately she doesn’t say much of anything.

It was what Bri told me in 7th grade when I was trying out for cheerleading. “If you’re going to do it, do it right.” He was in tenth grade back then. He thought he was a big shot because he was in high school and his home room had elected him to student council.

Was that only 3 years ago?

Who will I be 3 years from now? Just wondering.

Maybe you can tell me who you think I’ll be once you’ve read TALENT. We’ll put up links to the book as soon as they’re available. It won’t be released until November 1, but you can click on Reply and ask questions in the meantime, okay?

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