Never Too Late — Pre-orders on 11-15-17


A 62-year-old goes from Wannabe to Wife

by B. Lynn Goodwin


never too late cover

How does a 62-year-old woman who’s never been married find happiness with a two-time widower seeking his third wife on . . . Craigslist!? Does she throw caution to the wind and relinquish her freedom, or should she take a crash course in compromises?

Author B. Lynn Goodwin tells all and more in NEVER TOO LATE. How she was attracted to Richard’s clear expectations, his honesty, and his incredible openness. She’d never met anyone like him.

Would she recognize love if it knocked on her heart? And could an educated woman be happy moving into a blue-collar world?

Whether you’ve been single forever, are trapped in an unhappy marriage, or you’re simply curious, you’ll find secrets to a happy marriage in NEVER TOO LATE.

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Contest To Help Authors Get an Agent

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Contest That Could Help Authors Get an Agent

There aren’t too many contests that can help you get a publisher or agent by including the honor they may bestow on your book in your query letter (and media kit!) Here is one I entered and won a couple of years ago that is giving my agent a little extra ammunition for by second novel, This Land Divided.  Here is a little more about it from the sponsor, B. Lynn Goodwin, Managing Editor of
Curious about how your opening might sound to an agent or editor? Enter Writer Advice’s SCINTILLATING STARTS Contest for fiction, memoir, and creative nonfiction. Grab and hold us with your opening paragraphs. Send us up to 1000 words of your first chapter by 12/01/17.
We are known for our feedback, as you can see in the tan box at, and would love to tell you what’s working and what an agent might say.
Guest judges will be last year’s winners.If your work is shared on Writer Advice, you’ll be able to tell prospective agents, publishers, and book buyers that you were one of the winners of Writer Advice’s Scintillating Starts Contest.
A cash award of $300 will be split among those whose work is shared. The submission fee is $16.50.  This contest is open to anyone who has not signed a contract for the book submitted.

Questions? Post them here or e-mail me at We hope to hear from you soon.


Lynn is Managing Editor of and an author in her own right including
Talent and You Want Me to Do WHAT? Journaling for Caregivers. Her newest book, a memoir, is Never Too Late: From Wannabe to Wife at 62, will be released in December of 2017.  Learn more about her and her writing at

Help Koehler Books Pick the Cover of Lynn’s Memoir

This photo was taken at the home of my husband’s sister, Marsha. She’s a highly skilled photographer, and she caught our vacation smiles. The door to her photo studio is open in the background. Do you see it?

Want to guess what we’re thinking about?

We’re not on the cover of my forthcoming memoir, Never Too Late: From Wannabe to Wife at 62. In fact, we’d like to know what you think about the two cover choices. Scroll down to the information below the picture to find out how to vote for the cover you prefer. Thanks!


You can vote for the cover of your choice at
1. Click on the link to Koehler Books.
2. Read the blurb and look at the covers.
3. Vote for the cover you prefer. Just click on it.

I’ll tell you the launch date as soon as I know. Might even come out before 2018.


Eclipse Day



Back to school, and this was a really big day, whether you were in a science class or not. This was eclipse day. The moon covers the sun in an eclipse, and the air gets all eerie as if it’s faintly tinted with gray.

But not ash.

It’s cooler out, and you can’t look directly at the sun because it’ll burn up your retinas.

But you can look in a box through a pinhole. Second hand. Like most of the news. It’s all filtered through reporters. But I’m off the subject here.

The moon covers the sun.

Sometimes clouds cover the moon and the sun.

Clouds get blown by the wind, but the sun and moon don’t.


The rules aren’t so hard and fast with humans.

They cover their feelings and plot, sometimes.

Especially if they have a screw loose . . . You know who you are.

 If you don’t know who that someone is, read Talent, TALENT. You’ll like it, though you may not like all of us who are in it. See, I’m finally starting to learn, that you can’t win everyone’s heart, no matter how hard you try.

Special thanks to my author, B. Lynn Goodwin,, for typing up these thoughts for me.

Nice Review–Wide Circulation

Woo-hoo! Talent had a write up in the Midwest Review of Books. I, Sandee Mason, was impressed with how many people will be learning about the book. Please feel free to share this anywhere and everywhere. If you have a tween or teen, I hope you’ll share my story with her or him. Talent


For your reading pleasure: cover of Talent by B Lynn Goodwin

The Fiction Shelf
B. Lynn Goodwin
Eternal Press
c/o Caliburn Press
PO Box 8747, Madison, WI 53714
9781629293356, $12.50, PB, 284pp,
Fifteen-and-half-year-old Sandee Mason wants to find her talent, get her driver’s license, and stop living in the shadow of her big brother, Bri, who disappeared while serving in Afghanistan. A deftly crafted novel by an experienced author with a genuine flair for creating memorable characters and a consistently entertaining story line, young readers will follow Sandee’s journey as she experiences drama onstage and off. While B. Lynn Goodwin’s “Talent” is especially recommended for high school and community library YA Fiction collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists that “Talent” is also available in a Kindle format ($2.99).
Instructions for the author: 
You have complete permission to utilize the review in any manner you deem useful for marketing and promotion.
The review has been provided to the Helen C. White Library’s “Cooperative Children’s Book Center” (University of Wisconsin, Madison) where it will be made available to school and community librarians throughout Wisconsin’s public school systems and community libraries. This review has also been provided to the Cengage Learning, Gale interactive CD-ROM series “Book Review Index” which is published four times yearly for academic, corporate, and public library systems.
Additionally, this review will be archived on our Midwest Book Review website for the next five years at

Graduation 👩🏻‍🎓 Earned and Not Earned



I went to graduation two nights ago. The graphic to the left was on the back of the program. Of course not everybody can be helped. Some people can’t handle advice or assistance. You know the type.

Rob didn’t graduate. You’ll have to read TALENT to find out why. I mean, he’ll graduate, once he takes his finals. But. . . he couldn’t be there because. . . Just click on the link above and read the book, okay?

And Nicole has another semester before she’ll graduate. Or maybe another year. I’m not sure, but I know she didn’t get to graduate with her class.

So Tessa was the only one who put on a cap and gown and walked through the ceremony.  Now that I think of it, those signs apply to her too. She knows how to ask for help and advice. She gives great tips and advice. And her mom has given me and my family all kinds of assistance and guidance.


Since she’s already taking classes at Pine Mountain College, I was glad to see that she wanted to go through the ceremony. Her mom took pictures to add to the scrapbook for her sister. The one with the injury that’s kept her in a coma all these months. Still there’s more hope in a coma than in a telegram. 

Miss you, Bri. I was thinking of you while I watched Tessa graduate. 

You’d like her.