Up-and-Coming Topics For Future Blog Success

By Guest Columnist Kelly Adams

If you’re looking to get into the blogging scene, you’re going to need a hook. Blogs are a rather common these days, with most sites having some sort of blog function, and plenty of individuals starting their own sites to function as anything from public journals to miniature digital magazines. 

In order to get yours to take off amidst this sea of blog content, you need a few things: that unique spark in your personal voice, an approachable style and appealing domain…. But you’ll also need to find an overarching topic that fits a given trend or serves a specific purpose. If you’re starting yet another fashion, travel, or food blog, you’d better have some incredible content (or some generous investors) if you’re hoping to get noticed. If you can catch a rising trend, though, you might be able to get in early and establish yourself as a go-to voice in a buzz-worthy area. 

This list is going to cover some of the most exciting and potentially profitable up-and-coming blog topics that you could throw your weight behind in order to find success with your online writing. 


These two technologies certainly fit the “up-and-coming” label, and are sure to become popular topics for blogging in the near future. VR may not have made quite as big of an impact as many had hoped when it first became widely available, but since then it’s been developing quite a lot of inroads when it comes to exciting games, titles, and applications. Games like VRChat and others have been proving the tech’s capabilities, and slowly but surely VR is beginning to resemble what we all hoped it might become. Naturally, this means more people are becoming interested as well. 

AR, meanwhile, has yet to become a widespread, readily available technology – which actually makes it an even hotter topic. Being able to speculate about possible ideas and applications for AR technology makes it a rich well of a blogging subject. And for that matter, tracking the actual developments, following showcases at major tech conferences, and providing concrete information that an increasingly intrigued public is thirsty for can give your blog genuine utility 

Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting is not at all like VR and AR in that it isn’t anything new. Rather, it’s an international industry that seems to get more popular every year, and within which billions and billions of dollars change hands. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t changing, however, and some of the changes indicate that there’s plenty of room for enjoyable and informative blogs in this area. 

For one thing, the industry is more and more geared toward an online audience, and it’s not uncommon for sites with betting activity to present editorial content of their own – even when a sport is not active. Currently, in the middle of the summer, hubs for NBA bettingcontent are still carrying articles updating readers on player activity and team transactions. This indicates that the very activity of betting can be paired essentially with sports journalism. Now, combine this with the fact that online sports gambling is only just emerging (at least legally) in the U.S., and there could be significant opportunity. Right now sports fans in the U.S. are excited about betting, but in many cases unfamiliar with it. Thus, a blog that presents basic information, some of the articles like the ones referenced regarding the NBA, and analysis of betting odds, could have a large audience from day one. 

Space Travel

This topic might seem odd to be promoting as an “up-and-coming” topic, seeing as how space travel has been happening for so long it almost seems old fashioned. But it’s the changes and developments in space travel that can make it an especially exciting blogging topic. While it’s true that professional astronauts and scientists have been visiting and studying space for years, we’re rapidly approaching various changes and advancements – not the least of which is that we’re nearing the point at which regular commercial space flights are possible. 

Companies like SpaceX and others have been developing the technology required to make space travel widely available for years now, and thanks to recent breakthroughs, some are estimating that it could happen as soon as next year.Tracking developments like these, the technology that goes into them, and the people making it happen has all of the makings of a truly enticing blog. Throw in some coverage of the increasingly active chatter about putting a human on Mars, and there’s really a lot of material to cover!

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