Bay Area Book Festival


Here we are, in all our craziness, at the  Bay Area Book Festival held in Berkeley on April 28 and 29, 2018. Lots of people. Lots of conversations. Lots of cold, cold weather.

In the photo the water is mine, the popcorn is his, and the table is missing, so let’s try this again.



The one on the left looks better to me.  >>>>


Bottom line: This book fair was a great place to network, and it was wonderful to have Richard there. He’s a first-class salesman.


And, to give you a sample of something from the book, here’s the ad he wrote that attracted me:

1944 classic roadster with many miles left!
Motor humms, transmission smooth and and all the gears work!
Only two previous owners, very great women.
Two tone, white with a gray top.
Seeking a new woman owner who knows how to drive a classic!
PS, This car is at church every Sunday so if that is a problem with
you this car is not for you.
Obviously, he was shopping for his third wife. Before our first
date, he asked if I would ever marry if I fell in love.
Wondering how I responded? You can find it at the start of Chapter 2 (page 9) of
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