Never Too Late

Can’t tell you how exciting it is to have Never Too Late: From Wannabe to Wife available for preorders on Amazon.

never too late cover
B. Lynn Goodwin’s third book. 

Instead of a sales pitch, here’s a short list of some reasons I’m grateful that I wrote this book.

  1. It helped me look at my relationship.
  2. It helped me look back at my relationship and see how far I’d come.
  3. It helped me understand myself and what is and is not within my control.
  4. Although I was nervous when Richard read it, he said it was all true, except for a couple of names and a date which he corrected and I changed.
  5. Writing this made me so grateful for the husby I finally found.
  6. I can see how far we’ve come.
  7. I also can see how much my writing improved from the earlier and drafts.
  8. And a huge thanks to everyone who acknowledged and encouraged me along the way!

So here’s to telling your story.

And here’s to another six years of knowing and loving each other.


Richard and Lynn

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