Mother’s Day, Mom’s Day, Poor Mom…

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Poor Mom. She misses Bri so much. We all do.

But hello. I’m here. I’m not Bri, I know. That’s because I’m me, Sandee Mason, a teenager and a drama geek, who will probably never drink after what happened to Rob.

Poor Rob. He doesn’t have much common sense any more. We had a psychology unit about understanding people and I think when his dad left, he took Rob’s common sense with him. Okay, maybe not. But really, why does he think people will like him if he buys them beer?

Back to Mom, though. Dad and I took her out for dinner and bought her flowers, but she said the best part of her day was watching Lifetime Movies with me. Made me feel more like a friend than a daughter. In a way that’s a good thing. I just realized that by writing it down.

Maybe it wasn’t such a bad Mother’s Day after all. How was yours?

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