Nine Resolutions from Two Years Ago



Amazing how some things change.

Mom said I had to clean out my closet before I took my Christmas gift cards to the mall. There’s a shoebox in the back of my closet where I sometimes hide things. You’ll never believe what I found there–my New Year’s Resolutions from 2 years ago.

I was in 8th grade then and very eager to get into high school. I had kinda started flirting with Diego again…sometimes…when he wasn’t acting like a child. Jenn was in my homeroom. My brother, Bri, was a senior at San Ramos High.

So anyway, here are my resolutions from two years ago. Some of them seem kind of silly now. Maybe I was more of a kid than I knew back then.

  1. Lose weight before I get to high school.
  2. Finish my science project, even though I wish I’d picked a different one. Otherwise I’ll get a D.
  3. Take choir next semester if I can get in.
  4. Talk to Diego about his band. See if talking about grown up things helps him act his age.
  5. Encourage Diego to take me to the Sweetheart Dance in February.
  6. Ignore Jenn when she’s being superior. It’s so rude.
  7. Ignore Bri when he’s hanging out with Emma. No. Forget that. Pretend I’m ignoring Bri and Emma and kind of spy on them when they hang out here.
  8. Ignore Bri and Rob when they tease me like I’m some little kid.
  9. Find something I can do better than Jenn and Bri.

I never knew then what the next two years would bring. None of us did.

You can find out what happened to my family and me if you read TALENT. Copies are on Amazon at TALENT.

If you want to tell me your resolutions, I’d love to read them. Click on Comments at the top of the page, okay?

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