Characters Are Thankful Too

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Some of us who are characters in TALENT wanted to let you know what we’re grateful for this year.

  • We all agree that we are grateful to be out in the world.
  • We’re grateful to our author, B. Lynn Goodwin, a former drama teacher, who shared our story.
  • We are grateful that we are alive in her mind, and that we live on, even though her book is out there.

Some of us have more personal things that we’re grateful for, and here they are:

Sandee— I’m grated that I know how to drive. I know it sounds small, but it isn’t. Want to know why? Read the book.

Diego— I’m grateful for my drums and for the fact that Mrs. G needed more boys for the show, and I’m grateful for Sandee. She’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind.

Tessa–I’m grateful that I’m not like everybody else.

Nicole–I’m grateful to have a solo in the Variety Show we’re doing this spring.

Jenn–I’m grateful I’m doing a duet with Nicole in the Variety Show that San Ramos High is doing at the end of May. You should come and see it. When we sing together we’re going to rock the world, IMHO.

Mr. Mason–I’m grateful that my son was proud to serve his country. I’m grateful I raised him right.

Mrs. G— I’m grateful when I see my students growing as both actors and human beings. It’s always amazing to see them transform on stage.

What are you grateful for? 

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