What Are You Waiting For?

B. Lynn Goodwin
B. Lynn Goodwin

I decided to ask my characters a question, the way the Question Man in the newspaper used to. I went to San Ramos High, and found all of these people on the campus or in the parking lot, and I asked each of them, “What are you waiting for?”

Sandee: A role. Any role. And for mom and dad to realize that I’m still here.

Diego: A paying job as a drummer, okay?

Rob: Graduation.

Jenn: Opening night. I can’t wait. I actually have some lines in this show, and I’m the only girl in the 10th grade who does.

Nicole: College—Even if I can only go to Pine Mountain. College and more singing gigs.

Mrs. G: I’m waiting for something different from each of my students. I’m waiting to see a professional performance from each of my student actors. I’m waiting for our production of Oklahoma to come together, and before too long I’ll be waiting to meet the new freshmen.

Mr. Mason: I’m waiting for Brian to come home.

Mrs. Mason: I’m waiting for Brian to come home so we can be the family we always were. I’m waiting to feel whole again. Six months ago I would have said I was waiting for Sandee to grow up, but now I think she’s maturing a little too fast.

Dr. Henderson: A school day with no problems.

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