Fun Facts & Favorite Quotes


What Sandee Mason thinks:

  • “There is more to boys than deep brown eyes and well defined muscles.”
  • “Notice me.”
  • “Bri, is that you?”

What Nicole Lorca thinks:

  • “Life isn’t fair. Well…maybe sometimes it is. But not always.”

What Diego Rivera thinks:

  • “Why does Sandee keep telling me to be myself? And when did she turn into a fox?”

What Rob Cooper thinks:

  • “What is WRONG with Nicole and Sandee?
  • “Why is everybody always picking on me lately?

What Jenn McCall thinks:

  • “It isn’t easy being me.”
B. Lynn Goodwin
B. Lynn Goodwin

About the Author: 

  • She graduated from Saratoga High School (CA) long before anyone had heard of blogs, cellphones, or microwaves. They didn’t do musicals there.
  • She went across the country to Vassar College and graduated with a degree in drama, although she had no more clue what her talent was than Sandee did.
  • She directed Oklahoma! with a wonderful cast of singers and dancers.
  • One night her leading lady had a sore throat so she took some Nyquil and almost fell asleep during the Dream Ballet sequence.
  • She doesn’t sing or play the piano so it’s a good thing she worked with a vocal teacher and a choreographer.
  • She’s been writing most of her life…off and on.
  • She’s also been an Adult Literacy Teacher and her Mom’s caregiver.
  • She is living proof that life is what happens while you’re making other plans.
  • In addition to loving her husby, she loves Eddie McPuppers, her terrier, who is also a columnist for a Petfinder newsletter.
  • She got married for the first time at 62 to a two-time widower that she met on…gulp…Craigslist. It’s a whole new life and she loves writing about it.

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