Graduation 👩🏻‍🎓 Earned and Not Earned



I went to graduation two nights ago. The graphic to the left was on the back of the program. Of course not everybody can be helped. Some people can’t handle advice or assistance. You know the type.

Rob didn’t graduate. You’ll have to read TALENT to find out why. I mean, he’ll graduate, once he takes his finals. But. . . he couldn’t be there because. . . Just click on the link above and read the book, okay?

And Nicole has another semester before she’ll graduate. Or maybe another year. I’m not sure, but I know she didn’t get to graduate with her class.

So Tessa was the only one who put on a cap and gown and walked through the ceremony.  Now that I think of it, those signs apply to her too. She knows how to ask for help and advice. She gives great tips and advice. And her mom has given me and my family all kinds of assistance and guidance.


Since she’s already taking classes at Pine Mountain College, I was glad to see that she wanted to go through the ceremony. Her mom took pictures to add to the scrapbook for her sister. The one with the injury that’s kept her in a coma all these months. Still there’s more hope in a coma than in a telegram. 

Miss you, Bri. I was thinking of you while I watched Tessa graduate. 

You’d like her.





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